Why Woodstock, Vermont is worth a Visit

Vermont is great for any season, especially when visiting one of its most charming small towns. There are endless opportunities to explore Vermont in all four seasons. Vermont is a beautiful place to visit, whether you envision a horse-drawn carriage through a charming village on a snowy winter night or a warm breakfast infused with fresh maple syrup on an Autumn morning. Woodstock,

Vermont, was named one of America’s most beautiful and best places to spend Christmas. This list will show you the best things to do in Woodstock, VT. It will also help you plan a New England vacation.

Travel Essentials for Woodstock, Vermont

There are a few things you should consider when planning your trip. These are the most important things to consider before you travel to Woodstock.

What is the best time to visit Woodstock?

Woodstock is a beautiful place to visit all year round and offers so many activities no matter the season. Autumn is my favorite time of year because of its bright and colorful leaves. You can find many online leaf maps to help you align your autumn travel plans.

Where is Woodstock, VT Located

Woodstock, Vermont, is located in the east-central region of Vermont, approximately 15 miles from New Hampshire’s border. Woodstock is also a great place to visit in Vermont.

How to get to Woodstock

This area is best accessed by car. Driving from Boston, MA, Albany NY, and Portland, ME, takes two to three hours. Burlington (VT) and Manchester (NH) are 90 minutes by car. These cities all have airports. The most popular destinations are Boston, Albany, and Portland.

These travel tips will help you plan the perfect Woodstock vacation. These are the top things you can do in Woodstock, Vermont.

Woodstock, Vermont: The Best Things To Do

Woodstock has a wide range of activities for you and your loved ones. Woodstock has a lot to offer, from hiking to exploring the historic downtown to sampling Vermont’s cheeses. You need to choose from delicious and fun options!

Vermont vacations are incomplete without the cheese.

It was once said that Vermont had more cows than people in the past. It’s not hard to see, as farmland extends for miles throughout the state. Regardless, Vermont’s cheesemakers make some of the best cheese in Vermont.

Cabot, the most well-known cheese maker in the state, is available in all major US stores. A good block of Cabot sharp cheddar is a must-have. It would help if you tried all the cheeses when you visited Vermont.

Quechee Gorge Village offers a delicious cheese feast. You’ll find plenty of cheese samples and crackers in the charming shops.

Take a look at all the cheeses and purchase a block for yourself. You may be tempted to overeat cheese with all the delicious options available.

Flowers blooming with a view of the fields and mountains

Cabot isn’t the only Vermont cheese. Not by a mile. Visit Woodstock, VT, to visit a Woodstock farm.

Sugarbush Farm is a Vermont sugarhouse nestled in the hills. Here you can sample more cheese and taste maple syrup. You can also tour the farm to learn more about maple syrup making.

This farm is a family-owned property that dates back generations.

Stroll through America’s Sweetest Downtown

Downtown Woodstock, VT, is a great place to shop, eat, or walk around. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in this charming area on weekends and during events. There’s so much to do and see.

There are many gifts and arts and crafts options, including bookstores, toy shops, and clothing stores.

Woodstock VT shops

FH Gillingham & Sons is an excellent downtown Woodstock, VT, shopping option.

This Woodstock landmark is known for its 1886 general store, which is also a staple. It is one of VT’s oldest family-run available shops. You will find a wide range of Vermont-made souvenirs and goods and a good selection of wines.

F.H. offers Woodstock, VT shopping at its best. Gillingham & Sons

Even if shopping is not your thing, downtown Woodstock VT can be a beautiful place to stroll around. The covered bridge can be explored, the Woodstock Inn & Resort can be admired, or you can sit and watch the people.

It’s impossible to predict whom you may meet. On our last Woodstock trip, we met Oso, a tiny polar bear.

Long Trail Brewery

Vermont beer should be enjoyed while on vacation.

Take a quick 15-minute trip west from Woodstock, Vermont, to Long Trail Brewery. You’ll find some of Vermont’s best-known and most-loved beers.

Enjoy a brewery tour and have beer flights or snacks in their Bavarian-inspired bar. You can enjoy beautiful views and tasty brews.

Visit a Dairy Farm in Action

Billings Farm and Museum is a must-see for families visiting Woodstock. This working dairy farm is all about education and demonstrations. It is also beautiful!

An afternoon spent here will teach you much about Vermont farms and allow you to see the animals up close. Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, Vermont, is a stunning property worth visiting.

Explore Endless Antiques

Antiquing is excellent in New England. It’s incredible to see how many antique shops can be found in New Hampshire and Vermont.

If you are a lover of treasures from the past, this is the place for you. Quechee Gorge Village is also where you can taste Cabot cheese. An antique mall on several floors houses antiques of all types.

It is a beautiful place to wander around in. We had terrible weather on our Woodstock trip, so exploring this antique mall was an excellent activity for rainy days.

Try Local Spirits

After exploring the antiques, go down to the end and visit Vermont Spirits. You can taste Vermont-made whisky and gin as well as bourbon.

You can try four spirits free of charge with a complimentary tasting. These spirits are delicious, so be prepared to feel the burn. The 1791 Cocktail was a refreshing and fruity drink that we enjoyed.

Admire Quechee Gorge

Woodstock and Quechee, both in west-central Vermont’s neighboring communities, can be reached by taking a day trip from one.

You can also search for things you can do in Quechee, VT, if you are looking for activities near Woodstock, VT. You can find many; it takes less than 15 minutes to drive from Quechee, VT, to Woodstock, VT.

Mountains and green trees surround the gorge.

Alex, I will take “Things to Do Near Woodstock VT That is Stunning for $1000.”

Quechee Gorge is one of our favorite spots in the area. The bridge on Route 4 is the best way to see this unique natural formation. You can park in the area immediately beyond the Quechee Gorge Bridge. There is also a sidewalk with rails to cross the bridge and look into the gorge safely.

Autumn is a magical time to visit the gorge, as the trees along either side turn into extraordinary hues of orange or red.

You can also take a short hike along the gorge if you feel adventurous. You can start the trail from the parking lot and go to a few waterfalls.