The Valley of Fire, Nevada

One hour from Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is a vibrant, colorful outdoor destination. The Valley of Fire is a great day trip from Vegas. It offers breathtaking views, hiking trails, and petroglyphs. This guide will show you the best places to visit in the Valley of Fire and how to plan your trip. The first time was in 2017 and again in 2022. Tim and I were astonished by the beauty of the valley. They are unlike anything you'll see when driving from Las Vegas. We have been to the Valley of Fire twice so far.

The second time we visited, it was even better. We were able to revisit some of our favorite spots and learn new ones. We love the Valley of Fire, our favorite day trip from Las Vegas. This state park is a great place to escape the crowds and neon lights of Las Vegas.

What is the Valley of Fire, and what does it mean?

The Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest and most famous state park, is in Nevada. This park is located 50 minutes northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. The park’s 40,000+ acres contain red rock formations formed from Aztec sandstone. These rock formations appear to be on fire when it’s sunny, which gives the park its nickname, the Valley of Fire.

Several films were shot here, including Total Recall, Viva Las Vegas, The Professionals, and Star Trek Generations.

The Valley of Fire is a short drive from the city. If you are only stopping for scenic overlooks or hiking a few short trails, your visit will last about an hour. Or you can stay all day if you want to explore every corner of the place.

Two main roads lead to the Valley of Fire State Park.

The Valley of Fire Highway runs from the west to the east through the park’s southern portion. This road leads to the west and east entrances of this park. Atlatl Rock is one of the most famous sights along the Valley of Fire Highway. It also includes the Beehives, Elephant Rock, and the Seven Sisters.

The road is called “White Domes Road” by the state park brochure and “Mouse’s Tank Road” by Google. It leads north into the park’s heart. This road is one of our favorite state park experiences. It is a beautiful drive. The hiking trails that run along the route are very short, easy, and fun. When we visit, we spend most of our time in the Valley of Fire along this road.

Enjoy the Landscapes

The best thing about Valley of Fire State Park? You don’t need to be a hiker to enjoy it. You can see many of the most stunning sights within the park from the roads.

The best way to see the Valley of Fire is by driving through it. You can see amazing views from your car thanks to the pink, orange, and red sandstone rocks.

The Beehives

In just a few moments, you can see these strange-looking sandstone formations. Take a few photos or get out of your car to enjoy the park’s exceptional views.

The Beehives can be found on Valley of Fire Highway near the west entrance. You’ll see this first if you enter the park via the west entrance.

Arch Rock

The Scenic Loop Road, near Atlatl Rock, shows the large arch made of sandstone.

Fire Cave

The Fire Cave is also located on Scenic Loop Road. The arch was once a popular spot for photography, but it has since been destroyed. Spending time in other areas of the Valley of Fire is a good idea.

Seven Sisters

This is located on the Valley of Fire Highway. It’s a quick stop for seven sandstone rock formations.

Elephant Rock

This arch rock formation is located next to the east entry. It resembles an elephant if you have a little imagination. To reach Elephant Rock, you can walk the 0.2-mile loop or take a back-and-forth walk.

Rainbow Vista

This hike is worth more than Mouse’s Tank. This hike is only 1 mile long and ends with a climb to a large hill that offers a spectacular view of the Valley of Fire.

Viewpoint on Mouse’s Tank Road

This viewpoint was not something we knew about the first time we visited. Tim and I searched for the exact spot on our latest visit. We were able to see Mouse’s Tank Road from several locations.

To get the picture above, park in a pull-out and climb up a rock. You will need to drive south on Mouse’s Tank Road as if heading out of Rainbow Vista. You will see the road bend to your right as it descends. You can park in the pullout at the right end of the road and climb the rock to enjoy the view.